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When you join the Millionaires Credit Club you will have the opportunity to be invited into exclusive clubs with other like minded people. Your job is to follow the plan that your personal coach provides for you and once you reach a 700+ credit score your odds for being invited into the following exclusive clubs will be greater. Our goal is to get each club member into a position that gives them buying and borrowing power. 


Exclusive 700 Clubs (listed below) 



Millionaires Car Club:  Once a member gets to a 700 credit score we have relationships with banks and lending institutions that will lend automobile loans to Millionaires Car Club members with $0 down and low interest rates for New or Used cars. 



Millionaires VIP Club: We have partnered with promoters across the globe that give members of this club full access to exclusive events and parties. 


Example:  Red Carpet Events, GRAMMYS, Vegas Night Life, Hollywood Night Life, Miami Night Life, Atlanta Night Life, Coachella, MTV Music Awards, The BET Experience, Movie Premier Events, Celebrity Galas  and many more. 



Millionaires Investment Club: This group of moguls invest in various projects with mostly a 30% or more return. This also gives members a platform to pitch ideas to other investors that want to invest. 


Recent projects include: 

Real Estate Flip Projects, Bridge Loans, Rental Car Company, Bar/ Lounge, Music Tour Production, Movie/ Film 



Millionaires Business Club: We understand that many businesses are limited because they do not have the funding to increase their net worth. Our team of business experts work with this club to allow them to gain funding and investors that will help take their brand global. 



Millionaires University: 

Learn from millionaires how to become millionaires by perticipating in an exclusive online course. 



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