Featured Mogul: Tech Billionaire Of 2016

Nicholas Woodman

Age: 39

Net worth: $2.4 billion

Nicholas Woodman is the founder, CEO and chairman of GoPro, maker of the same-named durable, wearable video camera.

Woodman, 39, owns more than 40 percent of the company he founded in 2002, whose stock Forbes says has fluctuated in value over the course of its history. The California native -- the son of an investment banker -- was an avid surfer growing up. He was inspired by surfers' having trouble capturing footage of their rides, so he wanted to develop a camera they could strap to themselves and wear while surfing. He made his GoPro prototype with his mother's sewing kit and a drill, Forbes says. He sold the camera in multiple stores, including surf shops, and on the QVC home shopping network.


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