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Our state of the art software gives us a plan that is strategic, and is catered to your personal situation. It also deletes negative items from your profile. In the meanwhile our concierge team is working to get your instant credit and teach you how to use that credit. So we have short and long term solutions. We have helped hundreds of people become success stories. 

Tier 1 


A. We will start each member with a Platinum Mastercard with a limit of $300-$500  ( 0% interest) 


Tier 2


B. Our team will be working on your personal credit to legally delete items that MUST be removed. 

C. After you pay your first credit card statement our concierge team will get you approved for a 2nd card with a limit of $700-$1500 and they will apply for a Jewelry Account (Limit: $500- $5000) along with department store card for $400. During this process you can also get approved for apartments  

within 30 days of membership.


REMEMBER:  You DO NOT pay us a dime until your get your first card in Tier 1. 


Tier 3


D. This tier includes:

 Concierge will get you the following credit cards, AMEX, VISA and MasterCard up to $25,000 credit limit. 20% backend fee.


We don't just get you approved for credit and delete items from your credit. Your personal concierge will walk you through each step to having great credit and using that credit to acquiring funding that will help you gain wealth. You will be connected to a secure backend interface that will show you whats taking place on your file.  This is a lifestyle !!! 


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